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The Capital Area Music Association
The Past, Present & Future


In November 1974, 12 musicians from the Harrisburg area came together to address the concerns and needs for a cohesive unit among the African American musicians and the community. Out of this meeting the organization CAMA was born.

The organization's purposes were set forth and still remain as follows:

  • To aid in the development of music education in the capital area;

  • To provide a structure and a forum for the presentation of sacred and /or secular music in the Capital Area;

  • To achieve unity through working, studying and singing together;

  • To encourage the utilization of musical skills and/or talents among the participant 


In 1975 CAMA secured the service of a professional musician, Dr Anthony T. Leach, who accepted the position as CAMA’s Music Director. In the ensuing years, CAMA greatly benefited from the professionalism Dr. Leach has brought to the organization through the years. This is evidenced by CAMA’s gradual development into one of the more skilled choral groups in the Harrisburg area. Over the years, CAMA has presented outstanding musical presentations to the Harrisburg community with guest artists including:  



Dr. Marvin Curtis

Dr. Anthony T. Leach

Donald Lawrence

Richard Smallwood

Glen Burleigh

Dr. Clayton White

Kenneth Louis

Dr. Rosephanye Powell

Dr. Raymond Wise

Dr. James Abbington

Stan Spottswood

Dr. Margaret Douroux

Dr. Robert Fryson


Works Performed

Porgy & Bess (Performed with the Harrisburg Symphony)

Hallelujah To the King (cantata)

The Gospel at Colonus

Alpha Mass

Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass

Sacred Works of Duke Ellington

Handel’s Messiah

The cantata “Born To Die”

Music from the African American choral Series


CAMA “Active Membership “ provides you with the opportunity to be a part of producing that wonderful choral sound while working with original scores along with the composers. CAMA members have the opportunity and have greatly benefited from performing with some of the greatest choral conductors and composers in the United States.


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